11 Days: Still undefeated like Shula

October 23, 2020

Happy Friday. 

For the first time since the Big Bang — get it? beginning of the Tinaverse? I’ll be here all week, folks — this Tina daily digest is coming to you from Miami, Florida.

Mr Worldwide Miami GIF

Did you google your Birthday plus “Florida man”? “MM/DD Florida Man”

On your suggestion, I did, and “January 10 Florida Man” was… a journey.

Florida man arrested for throwing pizza at father after finding out his dad helped birth him.”

I’m sorry, I thought this was a free country.

stephen colbert florida GIF

I would like to encourage the Tinaverse to be informed. Please familiarize yourself with other new sources and other points of view. This is especially important in this time.

If only there were a people-focused public opinion digital media community we could join… But kidding aside, always good advice.

So I somehow lost my voice and sound robotic when I try to talk right now. Weird way to go into the weekend.

Quite weird. Hope it’s better now. Fortunately, in the Tinaverse, you always have a voice. (Was that too much? Yeah, that was probably too much.)

But folks, we’ve got some questions. Click on the Let’s Talk button to get started.

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11 days until Election Day.

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Results from October 16, 2020

Question 1: Did you watch either of the dueling Presidential town halls last night?

Remember last Thursday, when we had dueling Presidential town halls? Those were the days.

Question 2: Did watching impact your intended vote at all?

Question 3: One member of the Tinaverse suggested we break down our Presidential polling results by gender. For which Presidential ticket do you plan to vote this November? (Or for which Presidential ticket did you vote, if you've already voted.)



We had two folks who answered Non-Binary / Prefer Not to Answer. One plans to vote for Trump and the other for Jorgensen.

Another thing we learned from this question: women comprise 55% of the Tinaverse.

Question 5: By March of this year, it became clear that the Presidential nominees for the two major parties would be Donald Trump and Joe Biden. One member of the Tinaverse wants to know: How long ago did you make your decision to vote for your Donald Trump?

Trump / Pence

Biden / Harris

Third Party / Undecided

Most of the Tinaverse has had its mind made up since the early spring, when it became clear the general election would mean a face-off between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Interestingly, while over 80% of Biden voters in the Tinaverse were decided by June, over a quarter of all Trump voters in the Tinaverse made up their minds within the last two months.

Regarding when I decided to vote for Biden... Although I was a registered Republican, I never would vote for Trump! So my mind was made up a long time ago.

Biden is an idiot

Question 6: As a follow-up to the question about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, one member of the Tinaverse wants to know: How do you pronounce “Reese’s”?

I sent the Reese's pronunciation question to the Reese's Associate Brand Manager - answer is B. End of discussion.

Did you actually reach out to the Associate Brand Manager for Reese’s?

Is question 6 a legitimate question? It's Ree-sis, period. No one says Ree-sees pee-cees. If they do their anonymity should be thrown out and they should be questioned.

So, I’ve got some bad news…

I pronounce Reese’s differently depending on whether I’m just saying Reese’s or Reese’s pieces.

Your anonymity will be protected.

I pronounce Reese’s “Snickers.”

The thing I love about the Tinaverse is that, no matter what, without fail, there’s always *this* person.

Question 7: One member of the Tinaverse wants to know: What temperature do you keep your home in the winter?

For this question, we’re going to go back to our high school statistics class. (One of my former math teachers is out in the Tinaverse, so I hope you’ll all understand.)

  • Minimum: 45.0 (…really?)

  • 1st quartile: 68.0

  • Average: 68.7

  • Median: 69.0

  • 3rd quartile: 71.0

  • Max: 78.0

  • Mode (most common number): 68.0

I’d like to know my husband response to the house temp in winter question. He loves to stroll around the house in shorts while complaining that he’s cold, as if that would make me turn the heat up. Put on a sweater!

Yeah, you tell him! Put on a sweater!

The temperature thing only let me respond with a number, but I wanted to add a Noiiicee after my response

This comment is why we can’t have nice things.

I keep my thermostat at 68 in the day and a balmy 58 overnight 😂 we have high ceilings in the room with the thermostat and spent $300 on heat one month. So we’re fine with bundling up

72 or 68 depending on who's controlling the thermostat. The stereotype is dad telling you to wear a sweater to save money on energy, yet it's dad who refuses to put it at 78 during summer. I suspect it's really about being comfortable and not saving money.

Question 8: Finally, we'll end as we always do. On a scale of 0 (the worst) to 10 (the best), how are you doing overall?

That’s an average of 7.2.

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Today’s title reference: “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull (featuring Christina Aguilera)

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