18 Days: Let's understand that we're here to handle things together

October 16, 2020

Happy Friday. 

We have a couple dispatches from the Tinaverse:

will the questions get sunnier when the Master of the Tinaverse moves south?

Welp, it sounds like the news has leaked.

Yes, the rumors are true: the Tinaverse is hitting the road. We’ve had a great run in New Jersey, and I will forever defend the Garden State from all enemies foreign and domestic (#WhatExit #PumpFistsNotGas), but like the greatest basketball player of all time, this fall we’re going to take our talents to South Beach.

Starting next week, after a long road trip down I-95, I’ll be embracing my inner Florida Man and Talk to Tina will be coming to you each day from Miami.

i love miami GIF by Romy

I watched the social dilemma last night as a result of Tina. The apps have been deleted!


ok, so the social dilemma has been on my list to watch... and after the tina question about it yesterday, i decided to watch last night. HOLY WOW. as a result, my husband and i both had strange dreams about social media and were moved to delete all apps from our phones immediately. i encourage everyone to watch it and take the steps that seem right for them and their usage. hopefully we can sustain our changes. i’ll keep you posted!

Wow x 2.

Do we ever get to see the results from the questions?

Every day!

And then you can answer some more questions, and you get to see the results of those questions the next day. And like the song that doesn't end, we just keep doing it again and again, and, believe it or not, some people actually enjoy it.

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18 days until Election Day.

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Results from October 15, 2020

Question 1: Have you already voted?

Over one-third of the Tinaverse has already cast a ballot, and one member of the Tinaverse provided an update:

Re: my mendacity (but without being too revealing) - Despite the fact that I agree with the party platform, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for a third party that only puts in the effort every four years and will likely never hit that magic 5% of the popular vote (which would only make a small difference in four years, not now). Yes, we need to break up the duopoly with more smaller parties, but they have to build from the bottom up, not the top down.

Question 2: Someone in the Tinaverse wants to know: Do you believe undocumented immigrants should be counted in the US Census?

Trump / Pence

Biden / Harris

A majority of Undecided voters and Third Party voters said “No”, with the rest not sure.

Why would we count illegal immigrants in our census???? The whole point is they’re here illegally and should be sent back to where they came from and do it the right way like other immigrants do. Another reason why we need to keep a Republican in office!!

Undocumented immigrants should be counted so we know how best to allocate resources and estimate which states may need higher funding for certain programs. However, those numbers should certainly not be considered when it comes time to apportion representation in the respective legislatures who represent their areas, as they cannot vote for the candidates.

Question 3: A deep question from someone in the Tinaverse: Do you define yourself by your successes or your failures?

I’d say I’m a combination of my successes (learning what works) and my failures (learning what doesn’t). Defining oneself based solely on one or the other will lead to self-aggrandizing hubris or crippling anxiety, respectively. 

Defining yourself based on successes and failures both sound toxic to me

I chose not sure. I don't define myself by either my successes or failures; I define myself by how I respond to my successes and failures.

Question 4: Which do you prefer: Snickers or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

The combo of chocolate and peanut butter in perfect proportion in a Reeses cannot be beaten by any other candy.

It seems like most people agree with you.

I know that this will be a wildly unpopular opinion, but I just DO NOT believe that chocolate and peanut butter go together.... I honestly only eat peanut butter in a good old fashion PB&J or with apples.

That sure sounds like an unpopular opinion. Here’s to hoping the Tina mobs don’t come for you.

Snickers vs. Reese’s is more or less a tossup, but FROZEN Snickers > FROZEN Reese’s, no competition (just give it a couple minutes to soften a bit so you don’t break a tooth)

The cold never bothered you anyway?

I and the whole Tina membership are tired of you trying to move the Overton window to SOCIALISM with your seeming innocent candy questions. No one in this whole country wants snickers if Reese’s is an option, the only reason to ask is to pretend it’s an ok view to have which it’s not.

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Today’s title reference: “Get On Your Feet” by Gloria Estefan