5.14.20: Tax returns & trusted sources

Also, I'm blue, da ba dee, da ba daa

May 14, 2020.

Good Thursday Morning. I hope you’re all doing better than our one anonymous user who commented yesterday:

Day 73: I dressed in all orange today and buried myself in the garden and pretended to be a carrot.

What a way to flex that you have a garden and outdoor space.

Tim Allen Halloween GIF by Laff

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Results from May 13, 2020

Question 1: What's your favorite color?

You wanted questions without numbers, so here’s your question without numbers.

will ferrell elf GIF

In most surveys, blue tends to be the most popular color, so it’s no surprise that it’s also true amongst our users. Late 90s eurodance one-hit wonder Eiffel 65’s one hit was, after all, “Blue”.

I like blue too, but as a kid, my favorite color was orange because my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was Michelangelo.

teenage mutant ninja turtles pizza GIF

Michelangelo was also why I wanted to learn how to use nunchucks.

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Question 2: Have you contributed to an online or televised fundraiser related to COVID-19?

It’s remarkable that nearly 30% of our users have contributed to some online or televised fundraise in just the last few months.

Question 3: Should political candidates be required to release their tax returns when running for office?

A lot of interesting comments here, including folks who don’t think it should be law but still think it’s important…

I don’t think it should be the law to require disclosure of tax returns to run for office, but it should be the norm to disclose. Refusal to do so should be considered a sign that the candidate has something to hide. I would find it hard to trust a candidate who refused to disclose their taxes, which could definitely affect how I vote.

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And folks who see tax returns as distractions for bigger underlying issues.

I don’t get the desire to release taxes. IRS ensures taxes are done properly and paid appropriately. Requiring them to be provided would just be for media and the public to criticize. If someone’s taxes show something you don’t like, be mad that our tax policy allows such things to legally occur - don’t bash someone for taking advantage of tax benefits that are legally allowed. Example A: Amazon. Don’t be mad at them for paying no Federal tax, be mad our tax policy provides the opportunity to pay no Federal taxes.

pop tv taxes GIF by Schitt's Creek

Question 4: Who should be primarily responsible for making sure there are enough COVID-19 tests available in order to safely lift restrictions on public activity?

Most people want the federal government to be involved, despite the fact that, as you’ll see in the next question’s results, many of the agents of the federal government are not as trusted as those in state government.

Of course, some folks don’t want the government involved at all.

I think my preferred provider should have the test available for me. We need to keep government out as much as we can. We shouldn’t give them anymore rope in which to hang us with.

Question 5: Which of the following sources do you trust for information related to the coronavirus?

Dr. Fauci remains the most trusted voice on coronavirus information, but even he is not free of criticism.

My confidence in Fauci has been steadily decreasing as he continues to go back and forth, changing his statements slightly to appease Trump. He also makes statements that can easily be taken out of context and used against the scientific community (see his comments on vaccine development splashed across antivax pages!). 

The CDC, also broadly trusted amongst our users, is also not free of criticism.

I clicked that I trust the CDC but after the Senate hearing yesterday, I think the Trump administration is preventing the CDC from publishing the truth and the necessary guidelines for reopening a State. I have mixed feelings about Dr. Deborah Birx. I think she is probably competent at what she does, but has to walk a very thin line to not upset the President and lose her job.

Some of you also noted that you trust NPR, while others were reluctant to say they trust any of the sources listed.

I wish Question #5 had an additional answer for “I don’t know who to believe anymore.” It’s the truth. Everything I read or watch is different. One will say numbers going up, another will say numbers going down and so on. It’s like being on a merry go round that you want to stop!

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Today’s title reference: Blue by Eiffel 65