7 Days: I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve

October 27, 2020

Good Tuesday Morning. 

I love that you have been taking my suggestions.... gender voting, unions, and now I feel proud of Tinaversians !!! 

That’s quite a run. We love that you’ve been suggesting them. Thank you!

What percentage of the Tinaverse has heard of Mezcal, knows the difference between Mezcal and Tequila, and which do they prefer (Mezcal is the correct answer). And what is their favorite mezcal drink (Mezcal mule is the right answer).

It sounds like you’ve answered your own question.

To those looking for where to learn and hear the other side's opinions. I suggest "realclearpolitics.com" - they aggregate news articles and typically you'll see opposing views side by side. You'll be able to scan and read what the other side thinks/feels pretty easily. I find that this has moderated my views more than anything. I also believe that reading news vs listening/watching a program lends itself to avoiding extremes ... I find I have time to digest/interpret what is being read without the animated opinions of others being so openly injected into the conversation. Just my $0.02

Plus you can obsess over RCP’s polling averages. It’s absolutely perfect for late night doom scrolling in bed.

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7 days until Election Day.

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Results from October 26, 2020

Question 1: Are you a member of a labor union, trade union or other collective bargaining organization?

  • 8.9% of the Tinaverse are part of a labor union, trade union or collective bargaining organization.

Question 2: For which Presidential ticket did you vote or do you plan to vote?

  • Union members in the Tinaverse are all supporting Joe Biden.

Question 3: How would you describe the impact of labor unions and other collective bargaining organizations on the economy of the United States today?

Unions, for the most part, have outweighed their benefits. They are now led by people who demand something from every new contract to keep their members beholden to them, and cannot abide by keeping the status quo, which hurts private businesses and keeps the government overspending on contracts.

American workers have basically always been given the short end of the stick, and it’s only gotten worse since the 1980s and the more recent advent of “right to work” laws. This shouldn’t come as a surprise in a country where union membership hovers around 10% (as opposed to countries like Sweden, where nearly 2/3 of workers belong to a union).

I feel like teachers unions and police unions do more harm than good. Citizens suffer the consequences of their bad behavior without any recourse although it’s easier to punish a bad teacher than it is a bad cop. However teachers can be protected by tenure even if they are no longer an effective educator. There’s a lot of good and bad with unions but they are definitely not the unions my grandparents were a part of many years ago.

Labor unions got us the 5 day work week. They might be our best bet to get it down to 4..

Question 4: Would you support or oppose a $15 national minimum wage?

I'm really tired of the argument on 1 hand people will say it's bad for the business in the other, it's terrible for the worker. Why can't congress figure out how to have an automatically increasing minimum wage pinned to CPI increases ? If aggregate prices go up by 2%, then so does minimum wage ?? You can put a circuit breaker in like on the stock market that prevents it from declining in the event of deflationary pressure

A $15/hour federal minimum wage is so long overdue that at this point, working a full-time job at that rate wouldn’t pay enough to rent a 2BR house in most states. Still waiting for all that billionaire wealth to start trickling down....

Question 5: Is there a policy or issue where you actually agree *more* with a Presidential candidate for whom you are not voting?

Voting for Trump but support Biden on transit / urban development

Most other folks who answered “Yes” to this question were Biden voters who nevertheless have some areas of agreement with Trump.

Basically all of them except Trump's handling of COVID and Foreign Interests - I think Trump's general strategy of minimizing the virus has led us down a very unsafe path that is rippling through every aspect of our lives. I cannot support four more years of mask mandates and lockdowns; we need to get COVID under control and our national leader needs to acknowledge it's seriousness if we can have even a small chance of doing that.

If not for the way that the Trump Administration has handled this Pandemic and how racial tensions have gotten worse in this country, I would be voting for him.... I’m not saying that I believe that our president is a Racist, I just can’t support what seems to put wind in the sails of the backward intolerant xenophobic groups.

I think we should be opening up the economy more vs. going into lockdown again for COVID. I think the implications of a second lockdown will be worse than the impact of a second wave of the virus. I plan to vote for Biden, though.

Eliminating training based on critical race theory. Some other form of anti-bias training seems like a good idea, but training grounded in critical race theory seems toxic.

Two other issues that came up often here were abortion and US relations with China.

Other folks plan to vote for Biden, but they wish he had more aggressive stances on policies like climate change and health care.

Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp policy is important to me and usually my views are only reflected by Libertarian candidates. I still voted for Biden because there are too many other important things to consider right now.

Question 6: When do you expect we'll know the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election?

Over 57% of the Tinaverse expects we’ll know by the end of the week (Election Night + End of the week).

Question 7: Finally, one Tinaversian wants to know what you think of... candy corn.

Please list the names of those people who think candy corn is delicious so we can publicly shame them.

Need a middle ground for the candy corn question. I wouldn't specifically buy them in a store, but wouldn't spit them out either. They're just fine.

Candy corn is a decoration, not a food.

Let’s be clear — candy corn is a questionable human creation. It has a shelf life of 300 years and it’s a very perky color that never fades. But I love it just the same.

Candy Corn Fun GIF by Great Big Story

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Today’s title reference: “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies