8 Days: I ain't got nothing but love, babe

October 26, 2020

Good Monday Morning. 

One member of the Tinaverse took the advice from another member of the Tinaverse about diversifying media and information sources and…

I’m a Democrat. I listen to Pod Save America and similar podcasts frequently. Today I listened to Ben Shapiro’s podcast for the first time in order to diversify my sources of political commentary. I assume that the previous commenters hypothesis is that diversifying media sources would pull the listener towards the middle.

However, after doing so I feel as though it pushed me further towards the left rather than pull me towards the center. I will acknowledge that maybe Ben Shapiro wasn’t the best place to dip my toes into right wing media for the first time....if anyone has any other suggestions let me know!

From another member of the Tinaverse:

How do we feel about Organized labor? Curious what % of the Tinaversians are members of a Trade Union or any type of Collective bargaining union. Also curious to see how those both Union and non-Union workers are voting. 

Great idea. Take a look at today’s questions. (Also, Tinaversians is perfect and I think it’s another one that’s going to stick…)

How are you mentally preparing for the results? Are we ready for an election day that is more like an election week, an election month? … I hate to be a pessimist, but it seems it might be time to stock up on TP and food again... the apocalypse continues. At least we have Baby Yoda to keep us company. #Thanks2020

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8 days until Election Day.

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Results from October 23, 2020

Question 1: Have you voted?

just continue to encourage people to exercise their voice and vote!

Yes! Vote!

Question 2: For which Presidential ticket did you vote?

There are also some folks who wrote-in other names.

I voted Biden for president but Republican for every other office on the ballot. Curious if others took a similar strategy?? 🧐

Love the monocle emoji.

Question 3: We asked folks who haven’t yet voted but are planning to vote how they are planning to vote.

Question 4: We then asked folks for which candidate they plan to vote.

In-person on Election Day

Consistent with most national surveys, most Tinaversians (again, shout out to the person who coined that term) who are planning to vote in-person on Election Day are planning to vote for Donald Trump.

In-person early voting

Mail-in / absentee

Folks voting by mail-in and absentee ballots are also planning to support some third-party candidates (namely Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party and Carroll of the American Solidarity Party) and some write-ins. And some are still undecided.

Question 5: With which of the following statements do you agree the most?

Why should voting be difficult?

How can it be to EASY to vote? Is voting supposed to be difficult?

From Oklahoma:

It was easy to get an absentee ballot and send in my vote, and I did it quite early, but there's still the unknown of "Did the Election Board get my ballot?" "Did I follow all the instructions correctly?" (I realllly tried...) "Will my vote count?" "Will my vote make a difference?"

From New Jersey:

I live in NJ now, and I love how easy it is to vote! I got a letter in the mail with a list of 15 drop boxes in my county (addresses included), with a recommendation for which is closest to me! They also included the address for my polling place if I wanted to go vote in person this year. People around here are still finding things to complain about but I am so thankful to live here! My family in Texas is driving an hour to find a single drop box to vote in! NJ is awesome!

New Jersey mailed a ballot to all active, registered voters for the General Election, in addition to offering in-person Election Day voting and early voting in select precincts.

Real Housewives Jersey GIF

Of course, not all New Jersey voters are applauding the Garden State:

I personally feel that NJ is making it more difficult to vote because of how it was changed this year. It’s a huge power trip for Murphy to make the decision he did about mailing in votes but it’s okay to go to a mall, supermarket or have indoor sports. At least NY your ballot gets automatically scanned or so I’ve been told.

Do you mean you’re concerned that your vote won’t be counted?

Question 6: As we get closer to Election Day, are you paying more or less attention to politics and the Presidential race?

I am tired of watching election related things on tv. It’s redundant.

Glad elections are almost here and over with. We'll see what happens. Trump right now has a 52% approval rate (higher than Obama had at same time). No incumbent has lost re-election when over 48% approval right before the election.

The 52% approval number to which you’re referring likely comes from Rasmussen, though some other surveys have the President’s job approval number lower.

Question 7: If, on a road trip, you drive through a state but you don’t stop in it, have you “been” to that state?

The Tinaverse is perfectly split on this question.

I only count a state after I've stayed a night in it.

You’re not alone, and many other folks provided similar rules.

Re: road trip. Minimum threshold is bathroom break to qualify.

I was stationed in Germany, and did as much travel as possible. I technically made it to Sweden when visiting Copenhagen, took the train to Malmo, had lunch and a little trinquit shopping. Ipso, facto. I've been to Sweden. Layovers don't count. Neither do driving thru.

In a single comment, you managed to reference three European countries and un-ironically use “ipso facto”. Bravo!

Question 8: One member of the Tinaverse wants to know your preferred type of alcohol.

In the words of Little Big Town, “the wine, the beer, the whiskey…” are the choices of the Tinaverse.

You have beer twice on your list of alcoholic drinks. Was that intentional?

It was intentional. Everything you see here… it’s always intentional.

Dylan Sprouse Chess GIF by The Orchard Films

Last question should’ve had an “all of the above” option.

Members of the Tinaverse *hate* having to choose which is actually pretty funny when you think about it. ;-)

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Today’s title reference: “Eight Days a Week” by The Beatles