The Big(ger) Bang

The return of the Tinaverse

January 20, 2021.

Good Wednesday Morning, Tinaverse.

It’s been a minute. And what a minute it’s been.

The Presidential Election is behind us, but with a new administration taking office later today, your voice matters more than ever. So let’s keep talking. What do you say?

Maybe we’ll even revisit the eternal question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

But first… a quick recap of the Tinaverse that YOU all helped create.

  • We launched on April 15th, 2020

  • 111 conversations (they all can be found here)

  • Over 50k (!!!) survey questions answered

  • Over 5k comments

  • Over 4.6 million GIFs (that’s an estimate)

  • One Tinaverse

Talk to Tina could *literally* not happen without you, dear members of the Tinaverse. So thank you.

We’ll talk more soon. More questions. More answers. More comments.

In the meantime…

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There’s no song reference in today’s title, but here’s “The Big Bang Theory” by Barenaked Ladies.