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November 2, 2020

Good Monday Morning.

A couple dispatches from the Tinaverse:

A favorite 2020 song, The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby

Also, how could I forget to mention the best song of this era?? F2020 by Avenue Beat.

Add them both to the list.

To pile on more this weekend- don't forget to change your smoke detector batteries.

You’re not helping.

peace and love

Be thankful if you feel good and pray for those who don't

Evergreen advice.

you should do guest spots where a member of TINAverse gets to run the show for a day.

What an amazing idea. If that’s something that you, the good people of the Tinaverse, would be interested in doing, let’s do it.

 parks and recreation idea parks and rec rob lowe lightbulb moment GIF

Folks, as you all know, the election is tomorrow. We’ve spent the months leading up to this moment talking about all kinds of topics: politics, policies, social issues, sports, pop culture and the eternal question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich (the Tinaverse says it is not). Hopefully, even when you’ve disagreed with the comments from other Tinaversians — or with me — you’ve still felt a little more heard.

As Election Day has gotten closer, the temperature of the Tinaverse has been rising. People on all sides have shared that they’re angry, stressed, exhausted and a little overwhelmed. We don’t want to add to that. Today, we’ve got just a few questions, so click on the Let’s Talk button to get started.

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1 day until Election Day.

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Even though this election cycle is almost over,

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Results from October 30, 2020

Question 1: We're continuing to track voting in the Tinaverse. Have you already cast or mailed-in your ballot?

Question 2: Did you change your mind at least once about the candidate that you were going to support in this Presidential Election?

Question 3: Do you agree or disagree with this statement: "Five years from now, America will be less divided than it is today."

Regarding division...I said I’m not sure. I can’t fully say I agree, but I certainly hope so!

It’s nice that you have hope. What is that like?

It's a damn shame neither candidate talks about this type of data: Pre-Covid Unemployment rate 3.5% (4.5% forecast), Ave Annual GDP growth 2.5% (2.25% under Obama), Black unemployment rate <6% first time since '72, Poverty rate among blacks <20% first time since WWII Manufacturing jobs grew but not as fast as Trump claimed ^Covid blew up a lot of these numbers 56% of Americans still say they are better off than they were 4 years ago

It would be very nice if candidates discussed what went well and what they thought could have gone much better, and what they would do to improve, rather than insult-fest

To be fair, Donald Trump talks often about how he built the greatest economy ever. But that unemployment spike caused by a virus that’s infecting close to a hundred thousand people a day — and what we’re going to do about it — still matters to folks.

This feels like the calm before a very big storm

I think political division in the nation 5 years out is entirely too hard to predict. The outcome of this election will influence it, those who choose to run in the next election will influence it, but more so than either, the fourth estate will define what comes next. Infotainment, echochambers, disinformation campaigns, etc have created such a deep division and caste-like perception of ourselves.

We have people, like my crazy uncle, who now self-describe as "the great unwashed," touting how at least the uneducated aren't afraid. Women are labeling themselves "nasty." We're taking pride in demeaning ourselves then using that pride to demean others. It's horrifying. Those responsible for shaping our culture, media outlets, will define how these conversations continue. As more and more of us consume "news," information, and disinformation from sites incentivized to sell us something, we become more fractured, as a nation and as individuals.

I say Donald Trump has waged an ingenious war on facts, but the media began laying that groundwork back in the Bush years. Division and controversy draws viewership and echo chambers sell products, so society gets to fall apart. One thing seems certain, we lack an agreed upon reality. If we don't find a solution, this nation will *continue* to decline. I, for one, have a calendar hold on Wednesday for the world to burn. No matter what the outcome is there will be societal unrest. Upside: at least the fire can keep us warm.


I'd really like to see more "explaining your answer" in political discourse. The answer, "X candidate is bad for America" should be accompanied by an explanation with substantiated examples. Example, Trump is likely to make coronavirus worse because he continues to downplay it and is inconsistent with his support of masks. Sources: Woodward tapes, Trump comments re:masks, the percentage of people who wear masks and social distance at Trump rallies, refusing to answer reporters' questions because 'he can't hear them over the mask', telling reporters to remove their masks, etc.

So the statement, "AOC is a socialist" should be followed by why this would be bad for America. (The socialist democracies of Northern Europe are successful for their size and enjoy the same freedoms of speech, assembly, etc that we do. Are we sure we can't learn anything from them?)

Question 4: As the number of reported COVID cases rise, would you support or oppose state and local governments tightening restrictions on bars and restaurants?

Unfortunately places are going to have to be limited to stop the spread. I'm mean obviously ignoring the science and being selfish w/ not wearing mask hasn't made things better. If everyone would have closed and worn masks in March...we'd probably be in a much better place w/ less lives loss (and if you try and claim the travel ban helped...check how many people actually did fly during it). Gotta love all the reports coming out now comparing places with the mask mandates and those without.

I have a lot of friends on the restaurant business. I am sickened to see them struggling and not knowing if they will be open in the future. The 25% occupancy is ridiculous to expect these business owners to survive. I really think this is a political tug of war in both NY and NJ.

Restrictions on bars should increase so we can open schools. The economy won’t be able to fully reopen if parents have to be home with their kids. Remote learning will also permanently handicap kids on a cognitive level. School closures will end up being the largest societal failure of our generation.

Question 5: Yesterday, one member of the Tinaverse commented: "Climate change is the existential threat of our time and we should probably be talking about it every day." Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Panicking and doomsday takes for climate change are exhausting. We know it’s a problem and the constant doomsday takes brings the conspiracy theory goons to the forefront. Best to be level-headed and understand that no politician can stop these changes. Carbon emissions have been on a downward trend in the United States for a few years now. We have so many entrepreneurs in the US and around the world who are working on solutions like carbon capture technology. We got this.

Thanks for the climate change question! I didn’t suggest it. It’s 👏 the 👏 most 👏 important 👏 thing. And it encompasses basically all of our other societal problems

Can the person who described climate change as "the existential threat of our time" please take a xanax and pour a glass of wine? You're trying to give us all anxiety about something that's not even real.

I put I'm not sure on climate change. Not because I don't think it's a significant issue but because, much like this election, I find it exhausting to talk about the same thing every day. We should do the things we can control and push for change, but unless you work in clean energy full time, I think it's ok not to discuss it every day.

1000% agree on the climate change comment

Question 6: Daylight Savings Time ended at 2am on Sunday morning, when clocks "fall" back by an hour. What do you think we should do about daylight savings time?

Day light savings (and time zones) makes my brain work too hard.

Question 7: A few members of the Tinaverse want to know: Does the end of Halloween and the turning of the calendar to November mark the beginning of the Christmas season?

I don’t know how else to put this, but… 68% of you are wrong.

The DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and that's final.

That’s so not final.

I usually wait to start my Christmas season until after thanksgiving. But 2020 sucks so hard, what’s the harm in starting to spread some holiday cheer a few weeks early??

My people!

i love christmas and listen to christmas music whenever my little heart desires... but i do wait until after thanksgiving to start decorating

Fire up the Mariah Carey.

Re: 7, you didn’t offer as an option the correct answer, which is that the Christmas season starts as soon as you’re tired of summer. Like mid-August. Idk what to do about these communists who wait until thanksgiving to play Christmas music. What is your life at that point. Smh.

I was with you at the beginning, but you took a dark turn at the end there…

Are all Tinaversians Christian? My family is catholic, but my husband and I are non-religious. I prefer to observe the winter solstice. It isn't as commercialized and our little family has an intimate and sweet night together. I still enjoy a good hallmark channel Christmas movie with bad acting and a predictable storyline as much as the next person, but I think it is super weird how the entire country focuses on Christmas as the ultimate holiday, often while ignoring its Pagan influence.

All Tinaversians are definitely not Christian. The Tinaverse has a diversity of religions.

Umm we have many many holidays between Halloween and Christmas... Nov 1st doesn’t start the “Christmas Season”... this is how we skip over such important days like 12/1 World AIDS day, 12/3 Giving Tuesday, 12/4 Jay Z’s Birthday, 12/7 Pearl Harbor Day, 12/10 Human rights day, and 12/13 Taylor Swift’s Birthday... then Christmas can start.

That’s a wide interpretation of the word “important”.

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