4 Days: Don't put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band who'll throw it all away

October 30, 2020

Happy Friday.

Yesterday, one member of the Tinaverse asked about favorite “2020 themed” songs. We mentioned “Six Feet Apart” by Luke Combs and “Quarantine” by blink-182, but another member of the Tinaverse added “Antibodies (Do You Have The)” by Nicholas Braun to our running list.

And, folks… it’s glorious.

happy cat day

It turns out we failed to recognize that yesterday was National Cat Day. Wishing you and yours a belated happy holiday.

fred armisen meow GIF by IFC

Today is also the last Friday before:

  • Halloween (Saturday)

  • The end of Daylight Savings Time (2am on Sunday, except for Tinaversians in Arizona)

  • The Presidential Election (Tuesday)

That’s… a lot. Standing between us and all of that are some questions, so click on the Let’s Talk button to get started.

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4 days until Election Day.

I do look forward to this election being over... I can’t wait for Tinaverse to be talking about something else, literally anything.

Maybe, like, your favorite color, as we did back in May?

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Results from October 29, 2020

Question 1: We're continuing to track voting in the Tinaverse. Have you already cast or mailed-in your ballot?

Question 2: One Tinaversian is wondering: Have you signed up as either a poll worker or a campaign's poll watcher?

  • 6.5% of the Tinaverse is signed up as poll workers or poll watcher

  • ~60% of those folks are doing it for the first time

I’m not working as a poll worker or watcher (I applied but there were too many applications!) But I am volunteering as an “election defender” which is a non partisan project to make polls joyful and comfortable for all!

Question 3: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: If a mail-in or absentee ballot is postmarked by the day of the election, it should count -- regardless of when it is received.

Choosing democracy means counting every vote. Why is this controversial?

While I agree with question 3 to an extent, I still think there needs to be a hard deadline in which they stop counting votes.

Re: should mail in ballots count if postmarked, absolutely yes. To me, it’s exactly the same as someone standing in line when the polls close, even if they’re there until 2 am they get to vote! If taxes are allowed to be postmarked by tax day with no penalty, why not ballots?

Re the question on when absentee ballots get counted — there’s got to be some cut off, some time. We can’t have absentee ballots being counted after Jan 23, because there has to be an inauguration and acceptance of the new president. But gamesmanship about when votes get counted is childish — pick a national date, a reasonable time after Election Day, and be done with it.

The postmark question seems like an easy yes, but you do have to cut it off somewhere. What if an election is won by a single vote and you find some lost ballot in the mail system months later? Eventually an election just has to be over.

Question 4: As the number of reported cases of COVID-19 rise, with which statement do you agree more?

I’m not sure about the question regarding covid because I firmly believe it will depend on who gets in. I think if Biden wins it will be worse and he’ll put the blame on Trump. If Trump wins it could get worse because he wants to open up more businesses which I get.

As far as the state of the pandemic, I think we’re in the full intensity of it and will continue to have a rollercoaster-like pattern of rise and falls in the number of infected as people become both more vigilant with masks/distancing and then foolish/careless thinking we’re okay and begin socializing again. It won’t change until we have a vaccine.

Question 5: One member of the Tinaverse is wondering: Would you rather your preferred party or political side control the White House or the US Senate?

Not everyone has a preferred party or political affiliation.

Regarding the question of a party controlling the WH or Senate... no power with one without the other.

With how much trouble Mitch has caused and blocked id rather power of the Senate. Anyone could do exactly what he did in the future and block everything connected to the other party.

Question 6: Another member of the Tinaverse wants to know: Should Members of Congress be allowed to serve concurrently in the National Guard or Reserves?

Question 6 is interesting but the details of service members and their status in the reserve component would need some detailed explanation of policy to probably get a useful opinion out of most folks that understand little about the military, less about the NG/Reserves, and nothing about what the actual rules and regulations are in Statute and policy.

The Tinaversian who suggested this question made the point that working in two separate branches of government presents a potential conflict of interest, but the question was left somewhat open-ended to see how folks responded.

Question 7: Finally, a few members of the Tinaverse are wondering: How are you planning to watch election night coverage?

A few folks plan to watch “At a friend or family member’s house” or “In a public setting”, while one person simply said:

I haven’t thought about it…


Why on earth would anyone watch election night coverage?? If you have that much free time - enough to watch hours on end of coverage for something that will not be determined for days or even weeks to come - I have a chore list a mile long so come on over and at least do something useful.

I was planning on watching the coverage, but now that you mention it, if anyone has some free time and wants to take over the Talk to Tina emails for a little while, you know where to find me.

Election Day is paid day off from work (thanks to my union), so I’ll be at work making 2.5x my normal pay.

make it rain money GIF

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Today’s title reference: “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis.